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offers graphically a contrast of magnitudes of the degree of interest between the two Regions, through a methodology based on the Internet searches of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic.


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what is EditoRed

The Association of Media Editors of the European Union and Latin America, EditoRed, brings together more than sixty information and communication professionals from both sides of the Atlantic. Its purposes are the defense of the free exercise of the journalistic profession and the contribution to improving information and understanding between the two regions.


With the name EDITORED EUROLATAM, ASSOCIATION OF INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PUBLISHERS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION AND LATIN AMERICA, an association is constituted under Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, regulating the Right of Association, and complementary regulations, with legal personality and full capacity to act, lacking profit motive.


Since 2008, the Congresses of Media Editors have been held periodically in which the main European and Latin American media are convened to share and share the most outstanding issues of the reality and current affairs of each country and the profession. In addition, since 2012 these Congresses have functioned as a preparatory activity for the summits of European and Latin American leaders (CELAC – EU) that have been held biannually, and their leaders are informed of the conclusions drawn from the Congress for its debate.


The series of conferences, in face-to-face and webinar format, will be announced once the 2023-2024 action plan is approved by the Association.


The activities of the Association will be announced once the 2023-2024 action plan is approved by the General Assembly of the Association.

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